CLYE allows you as an individual to quickly and easily record newly acquired knowledge without having to worry about folders, filing systems or anything else. It also allows you to ask questions which Clye either answers for you using the information already available or which it forwards to people who deal with the same topic. But not only questions and answers are exciting, Clye also allows you to proactively find interesting insights from other members. Spaces (groups) can also be used to create lively communities. Clye consists of a web app and a mobile app. Both solutions are already being used by some customers in the form of white label solutions and are used by numerous users on a daily basis. The main functions are easy to use. However, we are in the process of making further improvements to the UI and developing useful features.

CLYE offers a unique combination of an easy-to-use but very powerful note-taking tool and a social network. This is enhanced by innovative AI functions that ensure that no time is wasted on searching or mindless consumption, but that useful connections and insights are created

While you can set up a message channel on classic tools such as Slack, Discord, Whats-App and chat classically in groups, we do not focus on classic group chats but on ensuring that each individual person effectively sees what helps them at the present time. To this end, we suggest interesting content that goes hand in hand with relevant context-related personal suggestions. We want to fulfil the admin's wish that this question, suggestion, idea reaches the right people in the structure WITHOUT getting on the nerves of others who have less to do with the topic... More quality instead of quantity...

Yes, in both the Google Play Store and the IOS Store.

The basic version of CLYE is free of charge for individual users. Additional functions can be activated with a premium subscription. If you want to use the platform for your community or your team, there are specific network and enterprise packages here. Price details on request for the time being.

For the time being, CLYE wants to give communities, universities, networks and associations the opportunity to network even better with each other & benefit from the shared wealth of knowledge. The main advantages are the visualisation of exciting information and connections within the organisation. The platform focuses on matchmaking of people & the intelligent and easy availability of information that can help you in a context-specific way. Clye offers a tailor-made white label solution with customer-specific branding for this purpose. In the medium term, we also want to serve medium-sized companies for teams, departments and cross-functional organisations.

The chat between two people is sorted chronologically by time. You just write to yourself and there are no real cuts. You lose the overview if you haven't finished discussing questions or topics... In a group it's much worse and therefore more chaotic... More people, therefore also more topics....logically also less, which interests me personally... CLYE introduces the card system here. Very simple: One topic -> One card. You decide whether it's a note for yourself, or whether you want to share it with one or more people or even make it available to the group. The advantage you enjoy is that topics are visually and thematically separated from each other, but you are presented with suggestions in the form of other cards and people who deal with them. So you can continue to communicate easily and the search is correspondingly more effective, as you can quickly filter and easily view separate communications as long as you have access to them.

CLYE will integrate such LLMs to make them useful and easy to use for all users. However, some tasks cannot be automated by LLMs. Information from the real world: By dividing knowledge into cards that are as focussed as possible and clearly labelling them with definitions, CLYE enables the efficient capture and sharing of actual new knowledge without having to repeat or extend known knowledge. In addition, information can be collaboratively improved and confirmed/refuted in order to efficiently create a high-quality knowledge base. This then enables LLMs to generate blog posts, papers, etc. from it. Social interaction: The exchange with like-minded people is an essential requirement of every human being and CLYE wants to make this possible in a simple and efficient way, both virtually (now) and in reality (soon). You can also be sure that no bots will cost you unnecessary time and that no adverts or clickbait will distract you.

YOU decide what information you share and with whom. YOU can also remove or hide information from others at any time, so YOU can be as private or as open as YOU want. In general, all information is private until YOU decide that YOU want to share it. All data is transmitted encrypted and stored in a data centre in Europe. Audio/video calls are routed via Twilio servers, no recordings are made. Please also take a look at our privacy policy.

Yes, all cards with comments can be exported as HTML and viewed in any browser. Some data can also be exported to PDF, for example.

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