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Simon W.

Clye puts you in (personal) dialogue with the right people

Clye finds relevant information from you and your organization

You efficiently use and expand (collective) knowledge

Thus, you gain new insights instead of losing important information.

Discover for yourself what else Clye has to offer you, your team or organization!

Managing Director


I want my employees to recognize and benefit from synergies among themselves.

The advantages
  • Direct and indirect cross-team / cross-departmental exchange is enabled

  • Expertises of employees are automatically visible

  • Targeted involvement of employees in the home office or on duty

What is Clye?

A platform for

Who is Clye for?

For everyone who wants to gain new insights instead of losing important information.

What's in it for me Clye?

Clye helps me to expand my knowledge in a targeted manner and puts me in contact with the right people.
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Data protection: Security from Germany

The protection of your user data is very important to us, which is why you can rely on the good old German data protection standards. We are located in beautiful Aschaffenburg in Bavaria and our data center is in nearby Frankfurt.

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